Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.48 (July 9, 2024)

New features and enhancements: Portals

All Portals

  • When the user enters their SSN, it will now be masked for security reasons. We have also improved the user experience by adding an additional SSN field. This will require portal users to enter their SSNs twice to ensure no typos.

Inspection Portal

  • When a checklist item is disabled, the status becomes “No Response Required” instead of “Compliant.”

Business Licensing Portal

  • The Facility Information page in Facility Application has been enhanced to support Autoaddress, and new configurations have been added to collect facility location coordinates and additional details.

Messaging Portal

  • A new messaging portal is available now. This new messaging portal allows non-licensees to read and reply to messages from regulators.

Bug fixes: Portals

All Portals

  • Fixed and removed duplicate string resources.
  • Fixed an issue with zip code validation specifically for the USA country selection.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Activate Your Account” option for the username login feature was visible on portal login pages, even when the feature was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdown fields would unexpectedly close while the user typed instead of showing visible results.

Licensee Portal

  • Fixed an issue where the license date was not updating after approving a license reinstatement.
  • Fixed an issue where email notifications were not sent when a license renewal was set to auto-approve.

License Verification Portal

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect error messages were displayed when no records existed for a business.

Bug fixes: Workbench

  • Fixed an issue on the workbench form where users could save records with an empty value on tc_groupownerid even when the field is marked as a required field.
  • Removed the limit of 100 rows on the Letter Loop function. The system returns all qualified rows now.
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviours when invalid syntax is used on a message template. The system returns the full merge field syntax when there is an invalid syntax or when the merge field returns a null or empty value.
  • Fixed an issue where system administrators could not configure criteria-based permissions when a special character was present in the filter criteria.
  • Fixed UI issues on charts and dashboards where legend texts were overlapping.

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