Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.47 (June 24, 2024)

New features and enhancements: Portals

All Portals

  • All dates in email templates will be shown in the long format, with the month spelled out in full, for example, January 10, 2024.
  • The invoice page has been updated, so the tax section is not shown when the amount is $0.
  • Process steps have been enhanced to support JSON conditional metadata. This enhancement allows some pages or steps to be shown or hidden based on the user inputs entered on the earlier steps.
  • The portal user login flow's UX has been enhanced so that users can self-serve and recover when they forget their credentials.
  • A new feature allows portal users to log in using a username instead of email. This feature applies to agencies that need to support licensees without email addresses. Please note that while users can log in to the portals without emails when this feature is enabled, the system will not be able to send any communication or notification to the portal users as there is no email to send to.

Inspection Portal

  • Single-page inspection report has been enhanced to allow inspectors to save progress before completing a report.
  • We have added a new JSON setting, Advanced Settings (reg_advancedsettings), to the checklist item (reg_inspectionchecklistitem) configuration entity to allow more control over when file upload is required. Using this setting, the system admin can configure file upload to be optional for any scenario.

Business Portal

  • Added several new pages to provide information on Facility Locations. Business portal users can view a list of facility locations related to a business. On the facility location detail page, users can view all related facility licenses related to the location.

New features and enhancements: Workbench

Complaint module

  • Complaint and case numbers will be shown on the UI form after a new record is created from Workbench and when number managers are configured for these entities.

Communication module

  • The list of letters the staff agency can select has been updated to be sorted alphabetically.
  • System administrators can now clone an existing letter or document template. Users need to provide a new docx template during the cloning process, and the system will preserve and clone the existing data mapping.

Workflow Module

  • lrn_auditcontrol record can now be cloned.

Bug fixes: Portals

  • Fixed payment processing failure when address information contains accented characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the currency sign on the order detail page was missing.
  • Fixed issue where license record was not created when an application was approved
  • Fixed issue where “Invalid Profile” was shown on queue items.
  • CE audit control (lrn_auditcontrol) now supports number manager instead of auto number (deprecated).

Bug fixes: Workbench

  • Fixed the issue where users could not select and copy text from read-only text area fields.
  • Fixed issue where number manager record could not be created.
  • Fixed an issue where default table sorting was not applied.
  • Fixed text wrapping issue on messages.
  • Fixed an issue where internal alert detail could not be accessed from the alert banner.

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