Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.46.1 (June 12, 2024)

New features and enhancements: Portals

None in this release.

New features and enhancements: Workbench

All modules

  • Enhanced table view support on tc_audit and tc_numbermanager so the table can be filtered and sorted. The current enhancement excludes support for date fields.

Analytics module

  • Added new base reports and charts that can be used for individual, business, facility licenses, authorizations and complaints. The interface has also been updated to allow users to select base reports that they want to download.
  • Improved the Query Builder experience by allowing users to remove columns from the column header.

Communication module

  • The message template has been enhanced to support data binding from related records. A system administrator can configure a message template that includes variables from recipient profiles (individual and business) and related records. This enhancement improves regulator workflows by automatically populating information, such as recipient names, in message creation based on existing system data.

Finance Module

  • ThentiaPay has been enhanced to support the PayZang payment provider.

Bug fixes: Portals

All Portals

  • Fixed a bug in which the Application Review PDF showed a broken section when a special character was present in the section name.

Applicant Portal

  • Fixed an issue where the signature pad showed an incomplete and broken signature image.
  • Fixed an issue where the payment page intermittently stuck in the loading state.

Business Licensing Portal

  • Fixed an issue where the business filing schedule date was off in the leap years.

Education Provider Portal

  • Fixed a bug where the application number was shown on the application page header.

Licensee Portal

  • Fixed a bug where portal users can update responses after submitting the exam.

Bug fixes: Workbench

All modules

  • Fixed analytic synchronization data where date time information was not translated with the correct timezone information.
  • Fixed an issue where the Query Filter panel could not be opened.

Analytics module

  • Fixed an issue where table sorting returned invalid orders when multiple columns were used as sorting.
  • Fixed an issue on table view where lookup fields could not be used to filter and sort columns.
  • Fixed payment processing failure when address information contains accented characters.
  • Fixed a bug where default table sorting is not applied.

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