Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.45.0 (May 28, 2024)

New features and enhancements: Portals

Business Licensing Portal

  • Enhanced the design of the Staff Listing > Add Staff page. Previously, adding a licensed staff member required using two separate fields: Licensee (to choose first the profile), followed by Registration (to choose the license type.) This has now been combined into a single field, Registration: this field allows Portal users to select both the licensee and license with a single click, and automatically populates all relevant fields in the Add Staff form with both licensee and license data.

Inspection Portal

  • In the Inspection Checklist, if a checklist section is configured with description text, this text is now displayed under the section heading text.

Licensee Portal

  • We have updated the Past Authorization Renewals table on the Authorizations page of the Licensee Portal to also show past authorizations and authorization applications that have custom statuses.

Public Registry

  • Added three new string resources that can be used on the Individual Licensee, Business License, and Facility License detail pages of the Public Register (after clicking View on any search result after searching the Public Register). Using the string resources SHARED_REG_INDIVIDUAL_INFO_AND_TIMESTAMP (Individual License), SHARED_REG_BUSINESS_INFO_AND_TIMESTAMP (Business License), and SHARED_REG_FACILITY_INFO_AND_TIMESTAMP (Facility), you can optionally add a timestamp to these pages for the purpose of verification. To specify a timestamp, add the variable {{currentDate}} to the string resource value, e.g. “The information on this page is current as of {{currentDate}}.”

New features and enhancements: Workbench

All modules

  • To improve accessibility and usability, we have adjusted the design of “read only” fields (fields that display a value but are not editable) in the Workbench. Text displayed in these fields now uses a darker text color, to improve the contrast of the text against the background and make the text easier to read.
  • Improved the behavior of Record View form fields which have their Attribute Type set to Money. Previously, the system would remove trailing zeros after the decimal point on values entered into these fields, e.g. entering “100.00” would be saved as “100”. Now, the system will always display two figures after the decimal point on fields with the Money Attribute Type, including if those figures are zeros.
  • To protect important system entities, attempting to delete any system entity starting with the prefix tc_ will now fail, and an error message will be displayed.
  • Removed the Deleted Records Table View on system entities starting with the prefix tc_ (except for tc_annotation and tc_activity), as these entities do not support the ability to restore deleted records.

Analytics module

  • We have made several quality-of-life improvements to the Query Builder. The label of the Data Source section in the sidebar has been changed to Primary Data Source Entity for clarity. This section now also lists all lookup attributes that are configured on the selected data source entity, so it is no longer necessary to search in the Related Entities section for these attributes. As a result of this change, the tc_name (Attribute Name) attribute has now also been hidden from all entities in the Related Entities section (as these attributes are now listed in the Primary Data Source Entity section).

Configuration module

  • Added a new License Method entity (reg_licensemethod), which can be used to create licensure methods, e.g. if an individual license type has multiple pathways to apply for or grant the license. The new entity has been implemented as a License Method lookup attribute on records in the Application Type (reg_applicationtype) and License (reg_registration) entities: this means you can configure a License Method on any Application Type record, and whenever an application of that type is granted, the associated License Method will also be recorded on the resulting License record.
  • Added a new option to control whether the Initial License Date field should be updated when a previously expired license is reissued. Using the setting Retain Initial License Date on the Portal Configuration entity (port_site), you can control whether the original initial license date will be kept (Yes) or overwritten with the new issue date (No).
  • Added two new settings to the Portal Configuration entity (port_site) to control the way the Staff Listing > Add Staff page works: under the Staff section, the new settings Employee Phone Required and Employee Email Required can be used to control whether the Employee’s Phone and Employee’s Email fields on the Staff Listing page are set as required. Additionally, setting the Manager Required option to Unset will now hide the Manager column from the table of staff members displayed on the Staff Listing page.
    • Portals affected: Business Licensing
  • Added the ability to display the Staff Listing/Add Staff pages as process steps in the Facility application and renewal processes. In the Portal Page entity (port_portalpage), you can use the Business-facilityAppStaff record to insert the Staff Listing page into the initial Facility application process, and the Business-facilityRenewalStaff record to insert it into the renewal process (e.g. via the Process Steps Connection on any Facility Type record).
    • Portals affected: Business Licensing

Register module

  • Added the ability to download certificates for Authorizations and Facilities from the Workbench (previously, these certificates could already be downloaded from the corresponding Portals).

Workflow module

  • Added a refinement to the optional Add New Record button that can be displayed on Connections in Summary Views: when configuring a Connection on a Summary View, adding multiple lookup filters will now disable the Show Add New Record button checkbox, as the Add New Record button does not work with this configuration.

Bug fixes: Portals

All Portals

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the input validation on date fields on custom Portal pages to incorrectly indicate that the selected date was invalid, even though a valid date was selected.
  • Fixed a bug with custom Portal pages that was causing helper text (fieldDescriptionText) to not be displayed on Social Security Number fields (”itemType”: “socialSecurityNumber”).
  • Fixed a bug where the payment step page in application workflows across all Portals was showing “January 2024” in the expiration date field for credit card payments, instead of being empty.
  • Fixed a bug with the JBilling payment integration where, if you completed a payment for a license renewal but did not click on the Continue button and instead closed the browser tab, the status of the renewal would not be updated correctly.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when trying to complete the payment step on a custom process.
  • Fixed a bug with custom entities whose records are used to populate dropdown menus in Portals, in which the resulting options in the dropdown menus were not being sorted correctly.

Business Licensing Portal

  • Fixed a bug where the Name column on the Staff Listing page would display “null null” instead of the staff member’s name.

Complaint Portal

  • Fixed a bug where, on custom processes with two steps, completing the second step would cause the values of certain fields on the associated record to be reset to “N/A”.

Education Provider Portal

  • Fixed a console error that appeared after submitting an application for a Program.

Public Register

  • Fixed a bug that was causing additional whitespace to be displayed when interacting with dropdown, multi-select, and calendar controls in the Public Register.

Bug fixes: Workbench

All modules

  • Fixed a bug where an entity could become impossible to open in the following situation: add a section with multiple columns to the Main Form of an entity; add custom fields to each column; save the changes; then subsequently remove one of the columns from the Section and save again.
  • Fixed an issue where the Workbench could become unresponsive when trying to open a file type from the Summary View for which file preview is not supported.
  • Fixed an issue affecting all payment providers where, when a transaction was updated with a payment resolution (Approved or Declined), both the Created On and Modified On date attributes were being overwritten with new values (instead of just the Modified On field).
  • Fixed a bug where, when setting a filter on a column in the Record List, the filter value was being treated as case-sensitive instead of returning all matching values regardless of capitalization.
  • Fixed a bug where, after creating a new message thread, it was not possible to compose a message as the input fields were not being displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where Workbench users would be involuntarily logged out if they opened a record in the Facility entity (reg_facility), opened the associated Business record from a lookup on the Facility Record View, then clicked on This Record > Business.
  • Fixed a bug in Summary Views where fields with very long label text was being cut off, instead of wrapping to new lines.

Analytics module

  • Fixed a bug where the Self section was not appearing at the top of the list of attributes when creating a filter condition in the Query Builder.
  • Fixed the inconsistency between the date formats used in the Filters & Conditions menu of the Query Builder and elsewhere in the Workbench: now, the Filters & Conditions menu uses the same Mmm-DD-YYYY format (e.g. Feb-02-2024) as the rest of the Workbench.

Configuration module

  • Fixed a bug with the Number Manager entity (tc_numbermanager) where using the Display Formatting field to specify a custom format for license numbers was not creating license numbers in the desired format on Individual License applications.

Finance module

  • Fixed a bug where filtering a Table View on multiple columns was not working when viewing the Record List of the Payment entity (pay_payment).
  • Fixed a bug where searching the Business entity (reg_permitholder) for records with an ampersand character (&) in the business name would not return any results.

Register module

  • Fixed a bug where saving a record in the Facility entity (reg_facility) that is connected to records in the Facility Location (reg_facilitylocation) and Business (reg_permitholder) entities was not generating a corresponding record in the Business Public Register (in the reg_businesspublicregisterrecord entity).
  • Fixed a bug on the Record List of the Profile entity (reg_profiles) where the filter button was missing from the First Name column heading.

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