Can a licensee change the email address where they receive notifications related to their Portals account?


If an applicant or licensee wants to receive email notifications at a different email address, is it possible for them to change the email address that Thentia Cloud will send emails to?


Yes, there are two ways in which Portals users can determine where they will receive emails related to Thentia Cloud.

By default, Thentia Cloud will send email notifications to the primary email address associated with a Portals account. This is the email address that the Portals user uses to sign in to their account. If needed, they can change this email address in the Account Settings menu. For detailed instructions, see the article Change the email, password, or security questions on your Portals account.

Alternatively, Portals users can also add a secondary email to their account that is only used for communications. In this case, they would still use their primary email to sign in to their account, but all email notifications would be sent to the email address designated for communications. To set a secondary email, Portal users can sign into any Portal and click on Personal Information, then use the Contact Email field in the Contact Information section:


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