Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.40.0 (January 19, 2024)

New features and enhancements: Portals

All Portals

  • On the ThentiaPay Order Details page, the Card Holder Name and Billing Address fields are no longer fixed to the name and address of the Portal user and can now be edited, allowing Portal users to use credit cards issued in names other than their own.
    • Related Workbench module: None

Application Portal

  • When configuring a Regulatory Exam, you can now use the new setting Hide Question Answer to configure whether you want to show the results of an exam to the Portal user after they submit their exam.
    • Related Workbench module: None

Education Provider Portal

  • You can now configure a renewal process for Education Programs, allowing licensees to renew an expiring Program instead of having to complete a new application. To further streamline the process, you also have the option of automatically approving renewals where there are no changes in the licensee’s declarations, removing the need to manually approve routine renewals.
    • Related Workbench module: Workflow
  • Added a new Activity Type field to the Program Information page, allowing Portal users to select the relevant activity type when completing an application for a Continuing Education Program. The selected value is also carried over to the Licensee Portal, where it is shown on the Continuing Education page.
    • Related Workbench module: None
  • It is now easier for Portal users who are uploading a class roster to find the Student IDs of their students: the Student ID is now displayed in the table under the Students section (alongside the students’ name, enrolment date, etc.).
    • Related Workbench module: None
  • The Provider Number is now displayed in the table on the Select Education Provider page in the Approved Programs section of the Education Provider Portal.
    • Related Workbench module: None

Inspection Portal

  • On the Inspection Report page, the text box for Public Comments (shared with the Facility and the Regulator) has been moved before (above) the Signatures section to indicate that signing the report includes acknowledging the contents of the Public Comments text box.
    • Related Workbench module: None

Licensee Portal

  • The Document Examination workflow is now supported on Individual Licenses, allowing you to conduct document examinations relating to individual licensees in the same way as on business licensees.
    • Related Workbench module: Register

New features and enhancements: Workbench

All modules

  • The Table Views feature now has a new and improved configuration UI, which makes it much easier to add and rearrange columns in Table Views. You can now also configure Table Views with columns (attributes) belonging to any parent of the entity that the Table View belongs to (displayed when the Table View is used in a Summary View only). Plus, there is a new option to designate a Table View as being for Summary View only, which hides it from the Views menu on the entity’s Record List table.
  • To help avoid submitted documents being associated with an incorrect licensee profile, the profile field on new records in the in the Submitted Document (reg_submitteddocument), Business Submitted Document (reg_permitsubmitteddocument), and Provider Submitted Document (lrn_providersubmitteddocument) entities will now be automatically populated with the appropriate licensee profile.

Analytics module

  • When you create a new interactive query (report) in the Analytics module, you can now also optionally select a category and enter a description. Both fields are also displayed in the default Record List for the Interactive Queries section in Analytics, making it easier to organize and find queries (reports).

Comms module

  • Updated the Document Examination Started email template ( with new body copy and support for additional variables.
  • Added a new email template for Document Examination that is sent when a Questionnaire is returned to the licensee for additional information (

Register module

  • When you create Document Examination records in the Workbench, the Examination Number field on these records will now be automatically populated using the next number specified by the Number Manager.
  • Added a lookup attribute for Business (reg_permitholder)on the Facility Renewal (reg_facilityrenewal) and Business License Renewal (reg_permitrenewal) entities.
  • The All Queue Items Record List in the Register module now also lists items submitted in the Education Provider Portal (i.e. Provider applications, Program applications, and Roster Uploads).

Workflow module

  • Added a “Subject Area” field to the entity metadata page for all entities, which you can use to classify entities by purpose. You can assign entities to one or multiple subject areas.
  • Added a new option for the Display Format field on entity metadata pages that allows you to choose how empty values in record display names are displayed, instead of showing “N/A”. For example, the Middle Name attribute on Profile records is often empty, resulting in record display names like “Jane N/A Smith”. Instead of the default Display Format syntax {0}, you can now use {0:} to hide the empty value (”Jane Smith”), or {0:Anytext} to replace an empty value with fixed text value of your choice (”Jane Anytext Smith”).
  • Added support for the Profile (reg_profile) and Business (reg_permitholder) entities to be set as the Data Source Entity when configuring a Document Template to generate license certificates and wallet cards.

Bug fixes: Portals

All Portals

  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the Forgot Password button in any Portal would not send a password reset email if the Portal user’s email address was entered in all caps, or with the first letter capitalized.
  • Fixed a bug where combo box (combination dropdown/text box) controls on Custom Pages were accepting typed-in values directly, without requiring the Portal user to select a matching predefined value from the dropdown. This resulted in the user-entered value not being captured when the form was submitted. Now, combo box controls on custom pages will properly validate inputs, and form submission will be blocked if the Portal user does not select a valid value.
  • Fixed a bug where applications that do not have a Declarations page were still displaying instruction text which references the “Declaration ****section”.
  • Fixed a bug where some users in the Licensee Portal and Business Licensing Portal were unable to complete their license renewal, because they were being redirected out of the renewal process and prevented from re-entering it.

Application Portal

  • Fixed a bug where, after a Portal user failed a Regulatory Exam and tried to retake it, the Fee Breakdown section on the Examination page would show retake fees for exams other than the exam the user was trying to retake.

Business Licensing Portal

  • Fixed a bug where validation wasn’t working on the required Birth date field on the Personal Information page, allowing Portal users to proceed and submit the form without entering their date of birth.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Business Licensing Portal users to be forcibly logged out when clicking the Save and Back button on the Key Contacts page.

Education Provider Portal

  • Fixed a bug where the Program Application Submission confirmation email was not being sent to the Provider user after payment redirect.
  • Fixed a bug where the email notification was not being sent to the associated Education Provider when a Provider Program application was approved.

Inspection Portal

  • Fixed a bug where the Inspection Preview Report would show “N/A” instead of the file name of attached Supporting Documents.
  • Fixed a bug where completed inspections were continuing to be displayed under the Portal user’s Assigned to Me page, instead of being moved to the Completed page.
  • Fixed a bug where a record was being created under Connections > Deficiencies on Inspection records even if the Inspection was marked as “Compliant”.

Bug fixes: Workbench

Analytics module

  • Fixed a bug that was causing duplicated columns in reports generated from queries that include the LIMIT or UNION statements.
  • Fixed a bug where, in reports containing columns from a parent entity, records would not be shown in the report if the value for the parent entity was empty.
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing the list of available entities to not be displayed when creating or editing a query.

Complaints module

  • Fixed the issue that caused the Convert Complaint to Case functionality to stop working as a result of the enhancements included with a previous release.

Register module

  • Fixed a bug where clicking on Create a new connected record under Connections > Documents while viewing any record in the Profile entity (reg_profile) would cause the Workbench to get stuck on a loading animation.
  • Fixed a bug where opening a record under Connections > Application Fees while viewing any record in the Business License Application Type (reg_permitapplicationtype) entity would cause the Workbench to get stuck on a loading animation.

Workflow module

  • Fixed a bug with radio button controls on Custom Processes, where selecting the radio button option “No” in the Portal where the Custom Process is used would cause the value of the corresponding attribute in the Workbench to be shown as “Unset”.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to approve an application in the Provider Program Application entity (lrn_providerprogramapplication) would cause the record to be saved twice, and in some cases display an error message.

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