Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.37.0 (November 23, 2023)

New features and enhancements: Portals

All Portals

  • Redesigned the flow of login pages on GDPR-compliant Portals to improve the user experience. Previously, Portal users who wanted to log in to a GDPR-compliant Portal needed to manually open and consent to each required policy (e.g. privacy policy) before they were able to click on Sign In, but users often missed this requirement and got stuck. To make the policy consent step more intuitive, we improved the way it is incorporated into the login flow: now, Portal users are automatically prompted to review and consent to all policies after clicking on Sign In, making it more obvious that they must consent to the policies to complete the login process.
    • Related Workbench module: Config
  • Added support for a European-style date format (DD/MM/YYYY) on three of the supported Language Codes (locales): en-gb, en-ie, and fr-ca. When a Portal is set to use one of these locales via the language selection menu, all dates shown in the Portal will automatically be formatted as DD/MM/YYYY (Portals set to use the en-us locale will continue to display dates in the format MM/DD/YYYY).
    • Related Workbench module: Config

Business Licensing

  • Updated the way document templates for Facility License Certificates work to make them easier to use. Now, document templates for Facility License Certificates work the same way as document templates for all other document types (i.e. Individual License, Business License, Authorization), and can be configured and linked to documents in the exact same way (instead of having their own unique configuration requirements and linking process, as was previously the case).
    • Related Workbench module: Register/Workflow
  • Added support for fixed renewal period dates on Facility Types. With the new fixed license period date fields on records in the Facility - Types entity (reg_facilitytypes), it is now possible to specify the exact dates (month and day) on which a fixed renewal period should start and end.
    • Related Workbench module: Config/Workflow

New features and enhancements: Workbench

All modules

  • The actions of deleting and restoring records now create entries under Files & Activities > Audit History, indicating who performed these actions and when (for deleted records, these audit history entries can also be viewed as records in the tc_audit entity via the Workflow module).
    • Other modules affected: Workflow

Analytics module

  • Added the Export to Excel feature to the Query Builder Interface. Now, any report generated with the Query Builder Interface can also be downloaded as a CSV file, allowing the report data to be exported to Excel or other compatible tools.
    • Other modules affected: None

Config module

  • Improved Letter Templates and Document Templates: any HTML tags or tables that are entered into Rich Text fields when templates are configured will now be automatically removed in the letters and certificates generated from those templates (line breaks entered into Rich Text fields will be preserved).
    • Other modules affected: Comms

Bug fixes: Portals

Business Licensing Portal

  • Fixed a bug in the Withdraw Application workflow, where the Application Type field would be empty instead of showing the type of application the Portal user had submitted.
  • Fixed a bug where application instruction text was not appearing on application forms in the Business Licensing Portal in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where Portal users who set their country as Canada in the Business Information form were able to save this change without also selecting a state (province). Now, Portal users will be prompted to also select a state (province) before they can save.
  • Fixed a bug in the navigation menu of the Business Licensing Portal where some menu items would no longer be visible if the size of the browser window was reduced below a certain width.
  • Fixed a bug where the Facility Application page would appear to load twice after a Portal user clicks on the Save & Continue button.
  • Fixed a bug where details about required documents (and the button to upload them) were not being shown on application forms in the Business Licensing Portal in some cases.

Inspection Portal

  • Fixed a bug in the Inspection Report where an empty Inspection Checklist Form would be displayed after the Affirm and Submit page, even though it should not appear in this case (i.e. it should only be displayed when Other Requirements are configured, and otherwise be hidden).

Licensee Portal

  • Fixed an issue where the button to download a wallet card or certificate was not being set properly to reflect the type of document the user is downloading. Now, if the associated Document Template contains the keyword certificate in either the Name (tc_name) or Key (tc_key) fields, the label will read “Download Certificate”. If the keyword isn’t present in either field, the label will read “Download Wallet Card” instead.
    • Related Workbench module: Config
  • Fixed a bug where the localized (translated) version of a license name was not being displayed on some Portals pages when the relevant localization was active. To fix this, new string resource keys have been added for each of the registration classes, ensuring that their localized versions will be properly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the same instruction text was being used in two different places: the Status Change Request page in the Requests section of the Licensee Portal navigation menu, and the separate Status Change Request page that is part of the License Renewal workflow. Now, the instruction text can be configured individually for each of these pages: use the string resource SERVICE_STATUS_CHANGE_SELECTION_PARAGRAPH to set the text for the License Renewal version of the page, and SERVICE_STATUS_CHANGE_REQUESTS_SELECTION_PARAGRAPH for the text on the regular version of the page that appears in the Licensee Portal menu under Requests.
    • Related Workbench module: Config
  • Fixed a bug where viewing the Licensee Portal on some devices would cause the License Expiration Date to be off by one day from the actual expiration date, because the system was adjusting the date to reflect the Portal user’s current time zone. This has been fixed so that the expiration date shown in the Licensee Portal will now always reflect the time zone specified in the Portal configuration (not the time zone of the Portal user’s device).

Bug fixes: Workbench

All modules

  • Fixed a bug where users would get logged out of the Workbench if they deleted a record, restored it, then tried to navigate to any other Workbench page.
  • Fixed a bug where, when creating a Summary View on an entity with self-lookup, selecting an attribute from the lookup would pull values from the current record, rather than the record that is linked to the current record.

Comms module

  • Fixed two bugs with Program Application email templates, where the Approval email template included a link to the wrong Portal in the email body text, and the Submission email template was missing.

Finance module

  • Fixed a bug affecting users of the Stripe integration that could cause a discrepancy between payment dates displayed in Thentia, and those reported by Stripe (due to time zone differences). To resolve this issue, the date and time of a payment in Thentia will now be displayed according to the user’s local time zone in the Finance module (in the Analytics module, the date and time of a payment will continue to be recorded in UTC).

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