Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.36.0 (November 15, 2023)

Thentia Cloud Platform Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Description Location
Fix: System sent password reset emails to the wrong recipients.  User Management
Fix: System does not send out Portal Account Creation, Password Reset, Account Lock-out emails.  User Management
Fix: Connection tables on the Summary View do not respect sort order. Summary View
Update: Added ability to show files and attachments from the related connection records on the Summary View. Summary View
Update: A new interface to allow workbench users to configure reports using GUI.  Analytic
Update: Users with delete permission can view and restore deleted records now.  Multiple Locations


Thentia Cloud Portal Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Description Location
Fix: Searching by individual license after an initial business search does not show any results.  Online Registry
Fix: Date fields entered on a custom view page is empty after hitting "Save". All Portals
Fix: Date formats is not showing correctly for downloaded certificates.  All Portals
Fix: Searching by individual license after an initial business search does not show any results.  Online Registry
Fix: Inconsistent institution header name and missing dates on Operating/Active Facilities and New Facility Application tables. Business Portal
Fix: CE plan is not showing in Submitted Activities in workbench after a CE upload has been done in the Education Provider portal.  Education Provider Portal
Fix: Incorrect button appears at the end of provider program application in Education Provider Portal. Education Provider Portal
Fix: If an inspection report is configured to a step-by-step report and does not have Other Requirements page, checklist items are missing and the user gets logged out of the inspector portal.  Inspection Portal
Fix: N/A shows when the "Law/Regulation" field is empty in the Facility Inspection Checklist record. Checklist questions are showing in separate rows.  Inspection Portal
Update: If a facility have an inspection, the Inspection button on the Active/Operating Facilities table in the Business portal will be visible, otherwise the inspection button will not be visible.  Inspection Portal
Update: When a business license application is approved and the license is issued for first time, the system will automatically generate a document examination record.  Business Portal
Update: A new schedule date, Fixed Fiscal Date, has been added to support Businesses that needs to file at specific fixed dates. Business Portal
Update: Added the ability for business users to view and complete the document examination questionnaire in the Business Portal.  Business Portal
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