Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.32.0 (September 14, 2023)

Thentia Cloud Platform Enhancements

Description Location
Update: Users can perform the following on the generated letter view: Zoom in and Out, Pan, Select and Search.  Letter Template
Update: Some fields on the letter generation page show default values when it is loaded initially.  Letter Template


Thentia Cloud Platform Bug Fixes

Description Location
Fix: Unable to save letter template where the name field contains "/" Letter Template
Fix: Connections without names are no longer shown on record detail pages.  Multiple Locations


Thentia Cloud Portal Enhancements

Description Location
Update: Portal user account will be locked after a number of invalid login attempts. This feature improves security by preventing brute force attack.  All Portals
Update: The Submitted Date field on the Regulatory Examinations now includes Date and Time information.  Education Provider Portal
Several updates have been made to the education provider roster upload process.
  • For the Education provider programs (Continuing Education (CE) and Exam):
    • The number of times a provider can upload a roster has been changed. Providers can upload a class roster as many times as required if the upload date falls within the program's start or end dates.
    • The date format that is used is YYYY-MM-DD.
  • For CE:
    • The license type has been replaced with the “Category” and “Secondary Category”.
    • In the CSV file, only the following fields need to be entered:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • License#
      • DOB
      • Completion date
Education Provider Portal


Thentia Cloud Portal Bug Fixes

Description Location
Fix: Application Number column shows an empty value instead of N/A on the Supported Document page.  Business Portal
Fix: Unable to update business name after an error has occurred. Business Portal
Fix: Provider Information page on Program Application flow can not be overridden with a custom page. Education Provider Portal
Fix: Invalid error message is shown on Application Review PDF on Education Provider Portal.  Education Provider Portal
Fix: Education Provider Portal users are signed out when trying to access the Personal Information page. Education Provider Portal
Fix: The Application Instruction page on the Education Provider Portal is not showing the Supporting Documents section correctly. Education Provider Portal
Fix: Page title is not shown properly on the Authorization Application page. Licensee Portal
Fix: For the license renewal process in the portal, the Payment Page is now only displayed when a license fee is configured. Licensee Portal
Fix: Categories (parent) and subcategories (child) configured in the portal are now shown, with the child categories displayed under the parent categories in alphabetical order. Licensee Portal
Fix: Unable to apply string resources on application instructions. Multiple Locations
Fix:  Missing the Declaration Text field in the license Application Declaration entity. Multiple Locations
Fix: GST and HST should not be shown when there is no fee item on an invoice.  Multiple Locations
Fix: Error when resetting portal user password.  Multiple Locations
Fix: Public register users are unable to download attachments where the file names have commas. Online Registry
Fix: Custom Clinical Supervision Registry page is not showing all authorization holders. Online Registry
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