Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.28.0 (July 13, 2023)

Thentia Cloud Platform Enhancements

                                          Description Location
Deep Clone - Cloning Business Application Type needs to include portal process steps: When cloning an application type, the Portal Process Step (port_processstep) will now be included, along with all values and lookup fields.

System Admin - I want to upload a document that I want to use for a letter template: System admins can now upload a document that they can use as a letter template.

Comms – Letter Template
System Admin - Browse available workbench fields and map them to the letter template merge fields: System Administrators are now able to specify data mapping within a text field in the format of “Entity_name.Attribute_Name” and then save the mapping and refresh the fields in the letter template.

Comms – Letter Template
System Admin - Provide basic information such as name to my letter template: System Administrators can view the Letter Template Details section in the left panel of the Letter Template. The first section is expanded by default upon landing on the page and the user can enter the following information and then save the record:
  • Letter Name – The name of the letter or letter template.
  • Description – The description for the letter template.
  • Date Source Entity – The name of the entity that contains the data for the letter.
Comms – Letter Template

UX - Add active / inactive switch on the builder page: When a custom page is created, the default value of the page is now set to “Active”.


Multiple Locations
Staff User – Know which fields I can update when I do a bulk update: Staff users can now view styling on columns that differentiates editable columns from columns that do not support edit mode. When the staff user clicks on the “Table Edit” button on the main menu of the entity, the editable columns will be available for editing with the default white background, and the non-editable columns will be displayed with a grey background and cannot be edited.

Multiple Locations
Reviewer Module Checklist on Task Template Bug: In the Task Template Details of the Reviewer Module, the Checklist field, which is optional will now accept a null value.

Reviewer Module


Thentia Cloud Platform Bug Fixes

Description Location
License renewal reminders are not sent: License renewal reminder emails are now being sent to licensees with licenses that are soon to expire.

Comms is not updating email trigger: The Comms email log is being generated now and the email is sent for new account activations.

Letter Templates --> "Save" and "Cancel" buttons are not visible when the Zoom is 100%: After clicking on Generate Letter Template on an entity that has a letter template designated, the “Save” and “Cancel” buttons are now visible when the browser page zoom is set to 100%. Comms – Letter Template

Creating a message with a hyperlink causes message UI to not appear: Messages sent with a hyperlink are now received in both the Business Licensing and Licensee Portals.


Multiple Locations
Renewal declaration/attestations text overlapping: For the submitted Renewal application, the declaration and attestation text are no longer overlapping each other when the application is printed.

Register – License Renewal
Summary View - Rich text does not render properly on summary view: Rich text renders properly now in Summary View and on the Reviewer Module pages. Reviewer Module / Summary View

Filter For Date id not working as expected: When providing your filter criteria on columns in the “All Portal Users” table:

  • For the Date column filters - The correct Before and After Date criteria are now displayed.
  • For the Online Access Disabled column filter – The “Yes/No” radio button options are displayed.
Security – Portal Users
Align Condition Builder UI with JSON expectation: criteria can now be added for both default states: “True” of “False” of an attribute and will align with the JSON text. Workflow - Portal Custom Page Builder


Thentia Cloud Portals Enhancements

Description Location
Application review - Change data url to attachments: The portal has been modified to save each screenshot as a file instead of a data uniform resource identifier (URI). This means that each step of the application process is now stored in the Time Stamp Shot entity with a screenshot of the step in the jpeg format. Each step can be sorted by clicking on the Step Name or Step Number columns in the table.

Application Portal

Reinstatement of a Business license pt.1: Reinstating a business license is now possible only when the business license has a status of “Inactive - Administrative Suspension” and “Inactive - Probation/ Restricted” within 3 years of the business license expiration date. 

A reinstatement fee can be applied in the Business Entity. For example, the Reinstatement Fee = Renewal Fee ($50) + Reinstatement Fee ($25) = $75.
Note: Configuration assistance is required.

Business Licensing
Reinstatement of a Business license pt.2: The payment and process flow of a reinstatement has been completed. This accommodates the business license reinstatement process when the business license has a status of “Inactive - Administrative Suspension” and “Inactive - Probation/ Restricted” within 3 years of the business license expiration date.

Note: Configuration assistance is required.

Business Licensing
CE program submission workflow: In the portal, education providers can now upload their class rosters from the Programs page and pay for the rosters in bulk.

Education Provider Portal

Extend list of special fields on the wallet cards & certificates: New special placeholders have been added for wallet cards and certificates to provide the following formatting as indicated:

  • current_year1 – This presents a four-digit year format - “YYYY” (e.g., 2023).
  • reg_profile:reg_full_name3 – This formats the full name with the first letter of the first, middle and last names in uppercase (e.g., “First M. Last”).
  • entity:date_attribute:format – This formats the date according to the PHP manual (
  • entity:any_attribute:uppercase – This formats the entire name in upper case (e.g. “FIRST LAST”).

Licensee Portal
Adding the ability to file upload metadata to hide the previously uploaded files: A new tag has been added to metadata to hide the visibility of old uploaded files.

Multiple Locations

Extend print button to do deeply nested relationships on the document template: The Print button functionality has been modified to do deeply nested relationships on the document template, and fetch data from the connected records of the Business entity record. For example, printing certificates connected to a business record.

Note: The format of the printed information is not completed in this ticket and will be covered in a future ticket.


Multiple Locations

Complaint Form - Add Business & Facility Searches: A complainant can now submit complaints against businesses and facilities. The complaints are submitted using a new custom complaint form (custom page) and the complaints are saved in the Complaint module in the workbench.

In the New Complaint form (custom page), the respondent section now has three different types of searches in the Subject Type field. The dropdown options are as follows:

  • Individual (existing functionality)
  • Business
  • Facility

Online Complaint
Need to add Business Address to Business Register: In the public registry, the business address column and information are now available in the custom Business Register search results.

Online Registry


Thentia Cloud Portals Bug Fixes

Description Location
New users are now able to set the answers to their security questions, reset their login password, and then login successfully into the Application Portal.

Application Portal
When creating a custom view for a new business with information that has custom date fields, the custom view is created successfully.

Business Licensing

On the Filling page in the portal, the following have been done:

  • Filing type is now displayed for the current and past filings.
  • Added the Submission Date column to the current filing table.
  • Added the Fiscal year end to both the current and past filings tables.

Business Licensing

The following new string resources have been added to various sections on the portals mentioned below:

String Resources:

  • BUSINESS_ADDRESS_CHANGE_PARAGRAPH_1 – This populates the value of the business address change paragraph #1 string resource.
  • BUSINESS_DOC_REQUEST_PARA_1 – This populates the value of the business document request paragraph #1 string resource.
  • BUSINESS_DOC_REQUEST_PARA_2 – This populates the value of the business document request paragraph #2 string resource.
  • BUSINESS_SELECT_BUSINESS_PARAGRAPH_1 – This populates the value of the selected business paragraph #1 string resource.
  • BUSINESS_SELECT_BUSINESS_PARAGRAPH_2 – This populates the value of the selected business paragraph #2 string resource.
  • BUSINESS_SUPPORTING_DOCUMENTS_UPLOAD_PARA_1 – This populates the value of the business supporting documents upload paragraph #1 string resource.
  • BUSINESS_SUPPORTING_DOCUMENTS_UPLOAD_PARA_2 – This populates the value of the business supporting documents upload paragraph #2 string resource.
  • SERVICE_NAME_CHANGE_PARAGRAPH_1 – This populates the value of the licensee’s name change paragraph string resource.
  • SERVICE_DOC_REQUEST_PARA_2 – This populates the value of the licensee’s document request paragraph #2 string resource.

Portals / Sections:

  • Business Portal - Select Business
  • Business Portal - Address Change Request
  • Business Portal - Document Request
  • All Supporting Documents
  • Licensee Portal - Name Change Request
  • Licensee Portal - Document Request
Business Licensing / Licensee Portal
When filling out a new education provider application, after entering an invalid Provider Name and other details, and then clicking on Save & Continue, an error message appears indicating the Provider Name is invalid.

Education Provider Portal
When creating a new education provider and after completing the provider application steps, select “fee waiver” for the payment and do not upload any supporting documents, now click on the Process Payment button, the validation message that appears will now display in red.

Education Provider Portal
After uploading a csv file for the roster of an approved program for a new and approved education provider, a fee waiver condition is applied to each fee item, the amount for each fee item is waived, and then the Submit button is clicked. The resulting error message that appears is now displayed in red.

Education Provider Portal
The correct current effective date is now displaying in the license details after a license renewal approval.

Licensee Portal
The file upload items error message is now displaying in red. Multiple Locations
When searching for a license holder in the Online Registry portal, the license type is now displayed even when the string resource key is empty in the License Type entity. Online Registry


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