Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.26.0 (June 15, 2023)

Thentia Cloud Platform Bug Fixes

Description Location
The ampersand (&) will now appropriately show in the text instead of (&amp) when an ampersand (&) occurs in the text of a record within the Analytics module and that record is searched for in the Online Registry.

Special characters, specifically accented ones (e.g., Noël.pdf), in file names are now rendered properly on the platform.

The upload and download file processes have been fixed to no longer result in the file broken error and other errors unnecessarily.

Multiple Locations

When attaching a file in the workbench, if the filename contains a special character (e.g., #), the file will now open without an internal 500 server error being displayed.


Multiple Locations
For US based Thentia Cloud systems, dates are now synchronized properly in records (e.g., other licenses) between the platform and portals.

Multiple Locations

Under “Business Registration” in the Register module, when attempting to save a new business document request on a profile record, the business document request record is saved successfully.


Register - Business Registration

When an address is saved with an ampersand (&) in the Application Portal, on the Summary View page of the associated profile in the platform, the ampersand (&) will now appropriately show in the address instead of (&amp).


Summary View


Thentia Cloud Portals Enhancements

Description Location
Additional e-mail variables into certain e-mail templates v2: The “Send Remainder Email” and “Send Past Due Date Email” templates have been updated to include the following information:
  • Audit Number
  • Audit Year
  • Audit CE Program Period Dates
  • License Number
  • License Type

Licensee Portal


Text is cut off when screen size is between 90-100% zoom mode: After clicking on the dropdown menu next to the profile information at the top right of the portal, if the portal screen size is zoomed in between 90% and 100%, the entire dropdown menu text will be displayed, rather than be truncated.

Licensee Portal



Thentia Cloud Portals Bug Fixes

Description Location
When uploading files on the payment page of an application that has a fee waiver and depending on configuration, multiple or single files can now be uploaded.

Application Portal
After completing a custom Employment form with the employer selected and then saving the form in the portal, the employer column details are saved and displayed in the saved record.

Application Portal
On the “Invoice View” page in the portal, “Credit Card” is now stored as a payment method, and when making a payment by credit card, that payment method will now be available for selection.

Application Portal
After sponsoring a new user or applicant for an application from the Business Licensing portal and then completing the sponsored application through the Application Portal, on the Sponsored Application page in the Business Licensing portal, the name of the sponsored applicant will now appear as it does on the applicant’s user profile.

Application Portal / Business Licensing
After submitting information for a custom process or application, the left navigation menu and the custom process steps will now remain in the same categories and location.

Business Licensing
The Sponsored Renewals link has been modified in the backend to only display in the left navigation menu of the portal only after a business is selected. The link will be hidden if a business is not currently selected.

Business Licensing
On custom and non-custom portal pages that have multi-select fields, after entering data in those fields and saving the data, the multi-select fields are now non-editable and displayed on the page.

Business Licensing

Previously uploaded files that have long names are now displayed on the Submitted Documents page after the user moves to the next step and then returns to the Supporting Documents page.


Business Licensing
The configuration for the payment page in each portal has been changed to ensure the correct string resource is being used for processed payments. The correct string resources for each portal are listed below:
  • Business Licensing - BUSINESS_PAYMENT_PROCESSED (new)
  • Licensee Portal - SERVICE_PAYMENT_PROCESSED (existing)
  • School Portal - SCHOOL_PAYMENT_PROCESSED (new)
Business Licensing / Licensee Portal / School Portal
When registration statuses have long names that include hyphens and slashes, and the “Include in Complaint Search” is set to “Yes”, licensees with those registration statuses will now be populated in the Licensee dropdown list on the Complaint Portal form.

Complaint Portal

After creating a custom view and portal page with a unique identifier “/complaintForm” for the Complaint Portal in the workbench, adding and modifying a new complaint in the portal, and then saving the complaint with a respondent that is a registered licensee, when viewing the previously submitted complaint, the following is now true:

  • No error messages are displayed.
  • Supporting documents can be uploaded for a complaint and saved on the Add Complaint and View Complaint pages.
  • The ability to enable the Cancel and Save Draft buttons.
  • Licensees that were previously selected now display on the View Complaint page.
  • The complaint form can be saved while on the View Complaint page.


Complaint Portal
The expiration date field/column will be empty if the radio button for "Disable Expiration Date" for a particular Authorization class is set to true. 

Licensee Portal

Email templates are configured to be sent based on the status in a custom process. When the status is modified to trigger using the "rejected email" template, the "rejected email" will now be sent.


Multiple Locations
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