Thentia Cloud release notes: Version 1.15.0 (January 6, 2023)

Thentia Cloud Platform Enhancements

Description Location

1. Button in analytics query entity view to load baseline reports: The following modifications were made in the Analytics module:

  • A new admin-only rest endpoint has been added to load all baseline reports into the Query entity (an_query).
  • A new “Load Base Reports” button has been added to the Analytics “All Items” view. By clicking on this button, a Confirm action message appears and prompts the user to do one of the following:
    • Click on the Confirm button to confirm this action. The admin-only rest endpoint will be called and any customization in the base reports will be overwritten.
    • Click on the Cancel button to cancel overwriting any customization in the base reports.

2. New Feature – search bar and filters are using UTC time zone: Searches and filter results have been modified to reflect the correct date and time when the renewals were submitted.


3. Protect the field type to avoid broken fields on entities: In the Workbench, the Attribute Name and Attribute Type (or data type) are now properly validated when saving records to ensure the selected data type matches the specified attribute value and attribute name.


4. Activities Record: The following modifications have been made to the activities record:

  • The “owner” field has been renamed to “Assigned to” and will be displayed so that users can reassign tasks accordingly.
  • A Department drop-down has been added to allow indicating if a task is being assigned to another department to be worked on.
  • The Start Date will be automatically populated when a new record is created based on the current date and time.
  • The related record can be opened directly with a button or other function.
  • Add completion date.

The View has been modified to display the following:

  • Activity Type,
  • Subject,
  • Body,
  • Start Date,
  • Due Date,
  • Completion Date,
  • Assigned To,
  • All activities assigned to an individual, which will include all tasks from all records.


Thentia Cloud Platform Bug Fixes

Description Location

1. The issue reported by several clients has been fixed. The new mail merge report, licensee communications report and certified healthy applications report has been modified to ensure that the correct data is automatically populated and properly synchronized.


2. Financial reports that are copied over to a new workbench instance will now display the correct “amount received” value (based on the Payment Type “Received” or “Received from Member”) in the payment record.


3. The ability to add a new lookup field on any entity is now possible.


4. When using the Azure Active Directory (AD) integration with the Thentia Workbench, users’ login access to the Workbench will remain active, unless otherwise revoked.


5. When on the Application Instructions page in the portal, and based on Application Type (e.g., Registered Interior application type), if the user clicks on an embedded hyperlink, the hyperlinked page will now open on a new tab, instead of on the current tab.

Note: A new tab will open for the application in the portal, if the “Open link in new window” checkbox is selected on the Insert hyperlink form in the platform.

Config – Application Instructions / Application Type

6. In the Workbench, only one public registration record will now be generated after saving a registration profile record, and if the Save button is clicked on multiple times no additional registration records will be generated for that profile.

Also, when a license is generated, the City field in the Workbench will now be populated correctly from the licensee’s profile.

Config – Public Register Record


Thentia Cloud Portals Bug Fixes

Description Location

1. For a particular Application Type, even if there is configuration for the Portal Process Step (port_processstep), the applicant will still be able to navigate through all steps without any issues.

Application Portal

2. The Due Date is now being populated on the application in the portal.

Application Portal

3. From the portal, applicants can now view the required supporting documents uploaded through the portal for applications that do not result in a license on completion (e.g., “Eligibility Review – Supervised Practice: Psychologist” and “Eligibility Review – Supervised Practice: Psychological Associate”).

Application Portal

4. After completing the Personal Information page of an application and then clicking on the Save & Continue button, the “Last 4 Digits of SSN” field will no longer display in red, and the information will be saved successfully.

Application Portal

5. In the portal, when the same new application is completed until the payment page and is then opened on two different tabs (Tab 1 and Tab 2), if the user submits the application on Tab 1 and then on Tab 2 clicks on the “Save & Continue” button, the application status in the platform will remain “Submitted” instead of being changed to “New”.

Application Portal/Business Licensing/Licensee Portal

6. When using a custom process and making a payment with NIC, the payment will now be resolved properly and the process will be completed (i.e., submitted record, paid invoice, email notification).


7. When using a custom Business Information page, for the License Renewal, after clicking on the “Save & Continue” button, the page with the renewal Status Change step will now open, instead of the Key Contacts page.

Business Licensing

8. When submitting a registration with the current renewal year and a $0 license renewal proration fee, the license renewal will be automatically approved during the submission.

Licensee Portal

9. After changing the Current Status from “Active to “Inactive” on the Status Change page of any of the following:

  • an application,
  • license renewal,
  • authorization application,
  • business license application,
  • renewal, or
  • student enrollment,

the last page of the status change process, the Submit button will now be displayed instead of the Save & Continue button.

Multiple Locations

10. On Declaration and Attestation pages, the alignment of text has been corrected regardless of whether plain-text or HTML formatted text is being used.

Multiple Locations

11. In the portal, the extra space has been removed from between the Choose File (upload) option and the message “This field is required” for the following portals and/or pages:

  • Application Portal > License Fee
  • Application Portal > Fee Payment
  • Authorization > Application > Fee Payment
  • Authorization > Licensee Fee
  • Business Licensing > App > Fee Payment
  • Business Licensing > Custom Process Payment
  • Business Licensing > Facilities > Fee Payment
  • Business Licensing > Facilities > Licensee Fees
  • Business Licensing > Facilities > Renewal
  • Business Licensing > License Fees
  • Business Licensing > Renewal > Payment
  • Licensee Portal > Custom Process Payment
  • Licensee Portal > Reinstatement > Payment
  • Licensee Portal > Renewal > Payment
  • Licensee Portal > Status Change
Multiple Locations

12. The string resource “SHARED_ACCOUNT_SETTINGS_EMAIL_PARAGRAPH_2” value which is displayed as the second bullet for the “Change Email” option on the Account Settings page is no longer missing when submitting applications or complaints. Also, for licenses, when there is no value entered for this string resource, the associated bullet icon will no longer be displayed in the portal.

Multiple Locations

13. The following string resources have been made available for application instructions to allow including optional documents across platforms:

Multiple Locations

14. The Public Register will now populate and display multiple fields in the employment Profile/Employer list for the same profile. For example, multiple street addresses.

Online Registry

15. If a non-registered staff member has no profile and is added manually with first name and all details, the first name and last name will display in the staff listing on the Business Public Register. However, the Employee Name and Email fields will display with “N/A”.

Online Registry
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