Create a Portals user account manually

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I want to manually create a Portals account for a user, so that they can log in to my Thentia Cloud Portals.

Before you begin

To follow the instructions in this article, you must have access to:

  • The Workbench for the Thentia environment in which you want to work.
  • The Security module within that environment.
  • The Portal User entity, tc_portaluser (Read Access and Write Access).

You will also need the email address of the user for whom you want to create a Portals account.


  • The primary use case for manually creating Portal user accounts is to give persons who are engaged as inspectors access to the Inspector Portal.
  • For all other Portals it is not usually necessary to manually create a Portals account, as applicants and licensees can create their own Portals accounts by clicking the Activate now link on any Portal sign-in page:


  • Portals user accounts created using this method will not work with the Licensee Portal by default. Only Portals accounts that are associated with at least one individual license are able to log in to the Licensee Portal successfully. Users can apply for individual licenses in the Applicant Portal.

Create a Portals user account manually

To manually create a Portals account for a user:

  1. Sign in to your Thentia Cloud Workbench.
  2. Click the   Modules button in the menu bar, then click Security:
  3. Click the   Menu button to open the navigation menu.
  4. Click Portal Users in the section IAM User Management to open the All Portal Users Record List:
  5. Before you create a new user account, first check if there is an existing account registered for this user. Enter the user's email address into the Narrow results by keyword search field:
    • If there is a matching record, double-click it to open it and reset access.
    • If there are no matching records, you can proceed to the next step.
  6. In the menu bar for the All Portal Users Record List, click the   Create a new record button:
  7. In the New Portal User Record View, go to the This Record > Portal User section:
    • In the E-mail Address field, enter the user's email address.
    • For the setting Online Access Disabled, select the setting No.
  8. Leave all other fields empty and click the   Save this record button in the menu bar to finish creating the Portals user account.
  9. You can now notify the user that their Portals account has been created. Instruct the user to visit the applicable Portal use the Forgot Password function to finish setting up their account.
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