Assigning Users to Privilege Groups

Welcome to Thentia Cloud! This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to associate users to Privilege Groups within the Security module. Privilege Groups are used to restrict/allow Read, Write, and Delete access for functionality and records in the system.


1. Select the grid icon towards the upper-right corner of the screen and choose the Security module.
2. Select the menu icon and select Privilege Groups.
3. Select a Privilege Group from the defined list.
4. Select Users from navigation panel.
5. Select the (+) icon from the toolbar to add a System User record.
6. The New System User Group page will appear. Select the System User and select the diskette / save icon. The Group field auto-populates with the selected group.
7. Additional users can be added to the Group using the same method.
Please refer to the Creating Privilege Groups and Privileges QRG for steps on how to create privilege groups.
Another option to associate a user to a group is from the Security menu: 1. Select System User Groups 2. Select the (+) icon in the toolbar 3. Select the system user and the Privilege Group
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