Connections in a Record

Welcome to Thentia Cloud! Connections within the navigation panel of a record, provides access to associated information for that displayed record (e.g., profile, application, registration/license, renewal, etc).


The associated information can be submitted as part of the record or uploaded by board staff to associate with the record.


The links listed under the Connections area vary depending on the type of record being viewed. Think of connection links as children to the parent record. Each child is its’ own entity but is always linked to the parent record. Each connection when opened, is its own item (appears in the Breadcrumb bar), but links back to that parent record.


Example 1: Selecting the Background Checks connection from within a profile shows all checks associated to the Applicant/Licensee.


Example 2: Selecting the Background Checks connection from within an application record only shows checks specific to the application displayed.

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