How to Manually Invoice a Business

Welcome to Thentia Cloud! This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create an invoice manually for a business.


1. Select Register module from the grid icon/app tray.
2. Select From the navigation menu (hamburger menu icon).
3. Select Businesses topic under Business Registration.
4. Locate Business Name by using Search bar/scroll, highlight the record, and double-select in blank space or once highlighted select Pencil icon.
5. Select Invoices topic under Connections in the navigation panel (you may need to scroll down).
6. Select icon to add a new invoice.
7. Select Save icon 2 times to assign an invoice number to the invoice.
8. Under Connections in the navigation panel select Items link.
9. Select + icon to add fee items associated with the invoice created.
10. Input Name of the fee and select Fee Product from the drop down.

Fields with a red asterisk* are required fields.

11. Once details are input select Save icon to apply fee to invoice.
12. When you return to the Invoice page for the Profile you will see the invoice listed as ‘Balance Owing’.

Authorized representatives are not emailed when an invoice is created. The Board staff will want to inform the authorized representative with guidance to login and view their invoice to pay or the Board staff can download a copy of the invoice and provide to the authorized representative.

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