How to Manually Create an Invoice

Welcome to Thentia Cloud! This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to manually create an invoice.


1. Select the grid icon towards the upper right and corner of the screen and select the Finance module.
2. Select Invoices topic from the navigation menu under Billing.
3. Select the Add icon from the toolbar.
4. Input relevant recipient information.
5. Scroll to Invoice Details or select it in the navigation menu. Select the appropriate Invoice Status, Invoice Date, Due Date and any details specific to the invoice in the Memo field.
All other fields are system generated.
6. Select the Save A notification message displays and an invoice number is generated.
7. Select the Save icon again and the invoice number will update in the heading.
8. Select Items and select the + icon to add all the appropriate fees.
9. On the New Invoice Item screen input invoice charge name and pick the appropriate Fee Product item from the list of configured fee items. Select the Save Additional fee items can be added to the invoice. This will update the balance.
Monetary values are generated from the system based on configuration.
10. Fee Product name appears at the top of the screen and additional topics in the navigation menu.

Files pertaining to the invoice can be uploaded by selecting Files and the Upload icon in the toolbar.

Invoices can also be created through a profile record invoice link under Connections. Creating the invoice this way automatically fills in the application/licensee information since it is being created through their profile.
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