How to Complete an Application for Licensure

Welcome to Thentia Cloud! This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete an application for licensure in the Application Portal.


1. From the Application/Applicant Portal login screen, enter your email and password and select Sign In.
2. Select Start New Application.
3. Review the available application types and applications. Choose Select this Application for the application to complete.
4. The navigation panel on the left side of the screen shows the number of pages that must be completed for the application.

The pages must be completed in order. Once completed (check), a page can be selected to view at any time before submission.

5. Fields within a page may include the following types:
  • Free text
  • Date
  • Drop-down
  • File upload
  • Checkbox
  • Yes/No
6. After completing a page, select Save & Continue at the bottom of the page.
Not all pages are required. If a page is missing information or contains invalid information, the field(s) are highlighted after saving.
7. Upon completing the last step (Payment), a Submitted message is displayed on the screen.
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