How to Complete a Renewal

Welcome to Thentia Cloud! This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to start and complete a license renewal.


1. Login to the Licensee Portal using your email address and password.
2. From the navigation panel, select the License Renewal link.
If your license type has Continuing Education (CE) requirements, be sure they have been entered prior to starting the renewal. Review the Entering Continuing Education Credits quick reference guide for details.
3. On the License Renewal screen, a Start Renewal button will display if it is time for you to renew.
4. Complete the renewal steps listed. The top-right corner of the screen indicates the current out of the total number of steps in the renewal process.

Complete each step and select Save & Continue to move forward.

If you exit the renewal and it is incomplete, the completed steps are saved. You can return by selecting the Continue button on the License Renewal screen. Please note that the beginning step of the renewal will display. Select Save & Continue to move through the completed steps and continue with the renewal application.
5. Continue renewal and provide all necessary documentation and responses to declaration and attestation questions.

On the Payments step, select the method of payment and select Process Payment button that appears.

6. A confirmation displays indicating submission or approval (based on configuration).

Select the Home button to the left to return to the main page or select Invoices & Receipts on the License Renewal page.

What to expect after submitting your renewal:

  • Email confirming you have submitted your renewal.
  • Upon approval, an updated Expiration Date for your license can be viewed on the Home page or on the License Renewal page.
  • Updated Pocket Card/Certificate with new license expiration date.
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