How to Manually Create a Renewal Record for a Licensee/Registrant Not Existing in Thentia Cloud

Welcome to Thentia Cloud! This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to manually create a renewal record for a Licensee or Registrant who does not exist in Thentia Cloud.


1. Before you can enter a renewal for a new Licensee or Registrant not yet in Thentia Cloud, you would first have to create a portal user.

Refer to the QRG on How to Create a Portal User.

2.You will then create a profile record for the new Licensee or Registrant and associate the portal user account to the profile.

Refer to the QRG on How to Create a Profile Record.

3. Next, create a Licensee/Registrant registration record.
4. Select the Grid icon towards the upper-right corner of the screen and choose the Register Module.
5. From the menu, under Individual Registration, select Renewals. 
6. Select the Create a new record icon from the toolbar.
7. Complete the necessary fields with information pertaining to the Renewal:
  • Registration
  • Renewal Status
  • Submitted Date
  • Destination Registration Class
  • Destination Registration Status
  • Registration Effective Date and Renewal (Current)
  • Registration Expiration Date at Renewal (Current)
8. Select the Save icon.
9. Complete the links under the Connections section of the newly created renewal record.
10. Go to the Registrant’s profile and create a new invoice for the renewal fee.

Refer to the QRG and how-to video on Manually Creating an invoice.

11. Open the renewal record being created and edit it to associate the newly created invoice by searching in the invoice field drop-down.
12. Updated the status for the renewal record when appropriate.
13. Save the renewal record.
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