Navigating The Platform

Navigating the Thentia Cloud Platform is simple and straightforward. The screen is organized into three main areas. This layout is consistent across all modules.

1. The header bar at the top of the screen provides access to:
  • Platform modules
  • Module topics and sub-topics
  • Notifications
  • Session logout

The area below the header bar, displays different views of information based on the chosen module and topic. Information appears as a list with each line representing an individual record. Each page of a view contains 50 record lines.

2. Every view includes a:
  • Search field
  • Toolbar with options to manage the view
  • Filter funnel for each column in the view
  • Breadcrumbs to navigate pages you have accessed
  • Pagination and list of total items
Select the View icon (eye) to edit the results displayed.
3. The Search field to the right of the toolbar allows you to narrow your search results. To search you type in words to narrow and click outside of the search box, the results list updates.
  • Entering an asterisk (*) then text to wildcard your search and return anything that contains the text entered.
4. Filters – every column contains a funnel icon. This allows the user to filter the listing by specified information. Selecting the funnel icon allows you to provide filter criteria.
  • Drop down to change the filter option to: Starts with, Ends with, Not equal to, Contains, Empty, Not Empty.
  • Text entered in the filters is case-sensitive.
  • Once criteria are provided select Filter button to update the results list.
  • The funnel will be highlighted when a field is filtered (as shown to the right)
5. The area at the bottom of the screen contains the Breadcrumbs bar. This area provides a:
  • Breadcrumb (title) that is listed in white is the page that you are currently viewing.
  • Option to click an ‘X’ in a breadcrumb title to close the item or the vacuum icon to clear all breadcrumbs.
6. Pagination is displayed below the listing. Each page contains 50 lines (Note: # of lines per page is not editable).
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